A time and space for Takiwātanga

30 May 2017 – Racism filled schooling for Keri Opai but there was discrimination against anyone who was different, including those with autism. Today he has come up with a Māori word for ‘autism’. He explains the interpretation and the journey taken in creating it.   Tēnā koutou katoa e te hunga pānui Ko Taranaki […]

Award-winning autism book a guide for teachers

30 May 2017 – CALMING SENSORY rooms or gardens are preferable for a distressed autistic child compared to seclusion rooms – the use of which reveal a lack of teacher education, says a contributor to an award-winning book on strategies for teachers of autistic children. Autism Spectrum Disorder in Aotearoa New Zealand: Promising practices and […]

Critical Autism Studies: Making a positive difference

30 May 2017 –  Listening to the opinions of autistic people has taken on a new life prompting Waikato consultant clinical psychologist Tanya Breen to ask and answer: what are critical autism studies? CRITICAL AUTISM STUDIES is a relatively new field of scholarly thought that originated in 2010 (O’Dell, Bertilsdotter Rosqvist, Ortega, Brownlow, & Orsini, […]

Donna Williams: A tribute

30 May 2017 – Chris Samuel informed Facebook followers of the death of Polly Samuel aka Donna Williams on Saturday 22 April 2017. Paula Jessop writes this tribute about the Australian woman who inspired many, including her. USUALLY I love to write and words flow easily onto the page. In writing a tribute to Donna, […]

Gender differences in autism

30 May 2017 – Flying under the radar, slipping through the net or hiding in plain sight? There is limited information regarding autism in the female population and what we know about autism is mostly about autism in males. Liliya John writes that since the beginning, our understandings of autism have always been from a […]

Historic settlement will benefit autism clients too

30 May 2017 – New Zealand’s 50,000 care and support workers accepted a $2 billion negotiated equal pay settlement from the Government in April. Karen Gregory-Hunt of the E tū union explains the difference it will make in one woman’s life. THREE YEARS ago, Moana Witehira began working with intellectual disability provider, IDEA Services in […]

Lifeskills course sees dramatic improvements

30 May 2017 – The Brown family have been a part of the Recreate community ever since daughter, Taylor was 14 and was participating in an afterschool dance programme. Taylor has gone through many stages of transition with the support of the Recreate team, says mother Jane Brown. OUR 24-YEAR-OLD daughter was fortunate enough take part in […]