PRISM Professional Development Series Topics


Our professional development series of workshops can cover a wide variety of topics.   Our public workshops cover a variety of the topics listed below.

Or if your are part of a larger organisation we can tailor make workshops for your staff, choosing a selection of the topics below that are of most benefit to you.

Topics Available

Understanding Autism

An overview of autism spectrum and covers topics such as diagnosis, myths and facts of causes, medication and therapies.


Covers difficulties processing and retaining verbal and non-verbal information, including social use of communication and understanding humour, body language, facial expression, with practical strategies for developing greater proficiency in communication.

Social Skills

Covers relationships challenges with family and friends, teamwork and social situations with tips and techniques for overcoming these challenges.

Understanding Behaviour

Obsession, routines, repetitive behaviour and sensory issues are covered, with strategies for dealing with anxiety and challenging behaviour.


Strategies for an easier transition between activities, people, situations and schools. Practical tools to create an individual long-term transition plan.

Autism and the Judicial System

How to support people on the spectrum when they are involved in the criminal justice system as complainants, defendants or witnesses.

Supports and Services

Navigating the system to obtain supports and services for people on the autism spectrum, including entitlements from government agencies.

If you have a topic that you would like covered that we aren’t offering, contact us to discuss whether we can create a course that would suit the needs of your organisation.

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