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A time and space for Takiwātanga

30 May 2017 – Racism filled schooling for Keri Opai but there was discrimination against anyone who was different, including those with autism. Today he has come up with a Māori word for ‘autism’. He explains the interpretation and the journey taken in creating it.   Tēnā koutou katoa e te hunga pānui Ko Taranaki […]

Award-winning autism book a guide for teachers

30 May 2017 – CALMING SENSORY rooms or gardens are preferable for a distressed autistic child compared to seclusion rooms – the use of which reveal a lack of teacher education, says a contributor to an award-winning book on strategies for teachers of autistic children. Autism Spectrum Disorder in Aotearoa New Zealand: Promising practices and […]

Want sugar with your spaghetti?

14 March 2017 – French writer Josef Schovanec’s biography describes him as an ‘activist for autistic people’. “What does that mean?” Altogether Autism editor Mary Anne Gill asked him in Wellington where he is living for five months as the 2017 laureate of the Randell Cottage Residency. JOSEF SCHOVANEC wanted to become a lecturer in philosophy […]

The signs of autism

Jenny Gibbs, clinical psychologist and Altogether Autism Professional Expert Group members asks when should a parent be concerned enough to seek an assessment for their child? 22 November 2016 – THE NEW ZEALAND Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Guideline sets out clear guidelines about signs to look out for that would suggest a referral for assessment […]

Connecting through support

A Journey of Hope with Pasifika Autism Support Group 22 November 2016 – BRIAN AND BETTY Pulefolau set up Pasifika Autism Support Group six years ago after their eldest son Roman, then 4 ½ was diagnosed with Autism. In the beginning of their autism journey, they were trying to understand what Autism was and how […]

Mother and son’s empowerment journey

Tanea Paterson is a substance use practitioner/counsellor. Both she and her son Josef are autistic but it took some time for them both to have a “tag” to describe themselves. This is Tanea and Josef’s journey to discovery and the challenges they faced. 22 November 2016 – “Hey Mum, it’s like you are having a […]

Autism no barrier to achievement, says parent

22 November 2016 – CANDACE ALLAN sensed there was something wrong with her son Kobe pretty much from the day he was born in May 2012. “He always used to scream and scream, all night long,” the Hamilton mother-of-three explains over the noise of Nickelodeon TV playing in the other room to her children and […]

Autism specific parenting programmes

Altogether Autism Altogether Autism provides information on autism parenting courses held throughout the regions. In addition, contact Altogether Autism for contact details of the regional ASD Coordinators who work at the District Health Boards throughout New Zealand. Autism NZ Autism specific training programmes for parents/family/whanau offered by Autism NZ are: EarlyBird® – Implementing early intervention strategies […]