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Valuing team work in a unique situation

30 May 2017 – As children on the spectrum age, it can make it difficult for their parents. Mary Anne Gill talks to a Tauranga woman about how her 41-year-old son is still transitioning. PEOPLE CALL Julia Genet a “champion for change” and her son Richard the “tractor man”. The 69-year-old mother of two makes […]

Want sugar with your spaghetti?

14 March 2017 – French writer Josef Schovanec’s biography describes him as an ‘activist for autistic people’. “What does that mean?” Altogether Autism editor Mary Anne Gill asked him in Wellington where he is living for five months as the 2017 laureate of the Randell Cottage Residency. JOSEF SCHOVANEC wanted to become a lecturer in philosophy […]

Principal’s note sends tiny school viral

14 March 2017 – When Maihiihi School principal Glenn MacPherson slipped a note and a parcel into Cam Uden’s school bag in October last year, little did he know that simple gesture would put the small King Country school on the global map. Mary Anne Gill visited the school recently to find out what is […]

Autism no barrier to achievement, says parent

22 November 2016 – CANDACE ALLAN sensed there was something wrong with her son Kobe pretty much from the day he was born in May 2012. “He always used to scream and scream, all night long,” the Hamilton mother-of-three explains over the noise of Nickelodeon TV playing in the other room to her children and […]