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Focus on strategies for understanding mental health and autism

20 October 2017 – Altogether Autism national manager Catherine Trezona attended the fifth annual Asia Pacific Autism Conference (#APAC17) in Sydney in early September 2017. There she heard keynote speaker Jeanette Purkis talk on Mental Health and Autism: Strategies and Self-care. DO YOU HEAR voices? Yes, voices are meant to be heard. Do you see things? Yes, things […]

In an MMM Bop you’re all alone

20 October 2017 – Claire van Oirschot of Whakatane is 32 and identifies as having Asperger’s Syndrome. She publishes a semi-regular blog called clairesblog424 in which she talks about, among other things, being a Hanson fan, her family’s move from Holland when she was 3, complex emotions, having a bike accident and getting a cat. […]

Speaker highlights from the conference

20 October 2017 – The Altogether Autism team was out and about during the July conference in Auckland. Here researcher REBECCA ARMSTRONG writes about two speakers, Tanea Paterson and Caroline Hearst. TANEA PATERSON is an autistic woman who is a qualified addiction practitioner and has her own personal journey with substance use and chronic pain. Tanea’s […]

Conference wrap up

20 October 2017 – KIA ORA KOUTOU, Ngā mihi nui kia kouotu katoa. A big thank you to everyone who attended our biennial conference, Transitions #Breakthrough2017 in Auckland in July. Two hundred and five delegates joined us for the event and 100 of you completed the evaluation form and rated this event very highly. We […]

Changing culture to appreciate autistic talent

19 October 2017 – THE THRIVING at Work programme, developed in Australia, is a comprehensive package that includes materials for employers/leaders, managers, team members and employees with Asperger’s Syndrome. Professor Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett designed it to support new employees with AS (Asperger’s Syndrome/ASD level 1) within numerous settings. In New Zealand this employment process […]

Parents’ intervention choices

19 October 2017 – Parents are often tasked with a series of important decisions soon after a child is diagnosed with autism – including assessing which interventions are effective, safe and worth the time and effort in implementing in order to benefit their child and their family. Altogether Autism researcher TEGAN ANDREWS empathises with them. SIFTING THROUGH […]

Transitioning from conference to university

19 October 2017 – Bethany Gray always felt she was different from people around her and wondered why. When she was 17 she was diagnosed as being autistic. This is her journey. THE AUTISM diagnosis I received at 17 explained my difficulty in reading body language, understanding behaviours and communicating with others. With the help […]

National Autism Spectrum Disorder Support – what services are available?

18 October 2017 – EXPLORE SPECIALIST Advice (Explore) took over the national contract for education services for families of children and young people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) earlier this year. As well as providing ASD services, Explore is the national provider of behaviour support services for people with disabilities who experience challenging behaviour. Explore […]

Girls Mask Autism Symptoms Using Social Skills

17 October 2017 – The research on why fewer girls get diagnosed with autism than boys continues to pile up. Altogether Autism researcher Liliya John checks out the latest findings. TWO RECENT STUDIES from Poland add to the growing body of research indicating girls are less likely to be diagnosed with autism than boys due to […]

Research offers fresh clues as to why girls evade detection

17 October 2017 – Catherine Trezona attended the fifth Asia Pacific Autism Conference (#APAC17) in Sydney in September and shares the latest research into gender differences in the assessment of autism. ARE AUTISM assessment tools gender neutral? Autistics and professionals have been discussing this for several years and #APAC17 offered delegates a range of presentations on […]