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Taking the mystery out of meeting the needs of diverse learners

9 January 2018 – In this combined article by the Ministry of Education and a resource teacher Learning and Behaviour (RTLB), the Ministry provides some background and context to the ASD and Learning guide on the Inclusive Education website. Christchurch-based Amanda Haywood, outlines the parts of the guide she has found most useful in her […]

How Dragon Ball Z got Timothy through high school

22 December 2017 – Music, poetry and a desire to help others in the Hamilton community are key to survival for Timothy Folkema today but as Mary Anne Gill writes, it was all so different when he was a bullied teenager because of his autism. WHEN A TEACHER AT Havelock North High School 14 years ago […]

Communication, connection and the challenge to become better listeners

9 January 2018 – Many children on the autism spectrum first come to the attention of a speech language therapist because of late developing speech. Auckland-based speech language therapist Simone Horrocks offers her perspective. THE FIVE PRINCIPLES that underpin Te Whāriki, the Ministry of Education’s Early Childhood Curriculum are: Wellbeing Mana autua, Belonging Mana whenua, Contribution […]

Teaching autistic students who demonstrate ‘challenging behaviours’ at school or pre-school

8 January 2018 – Emma Goodall is autistic, an educator and an autism adviser. She writes about how that means she questions everything. I HAVE demonstrated my fair share of ‘challenging behaviours’ over the years. Being who I am has led me to question everything, not the least of which is what we mean by challenging […]

PRISM for Educators

DO YOU TEACH STUDENTS ON THE AUTISM SPECTRUM? Altogether Autism is now receiving bookings for 2018 PRISM Professional Development Workshops for Educators. Autism for Educators will offer a safe and supportive environment for teachers to ask questions about autism.  The specialist facilitators will provide best practice skills and strategies to teach autistic students and support their […]

Variability in support services for tertiary students with autism – a personal and professional perspective

22 December 2017 – Christchurch clinical psychologist Charlotte West has first-hand experience of autism with three sons on the autism spectrum. She writes about that and the challenges her clients face. Services for children and adolescents on the autism spectrum in Canterbury have increased greatly over the past few years, but there is still great […]

Challenges parents face having their child’s needs met or accessing support through the education system

22 December 2017 – Autism is complex. It represents itself in children in different ways and by gender. Lynne Hansen looks at the challenges parents face in having their children’s needs met and how they access support through the education system. CHILDREN WITH high-functioning autism run the risk of being misunderstood due to their more subtle […]