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There is so much information on the web about autism, that you would never be able to view it all. Some of the information that is accessed via the web can be unreliable, or can cause undue upset to people on the spectrum or their family. Autism is the 4th most googled term in the UK, and is a magnet for pseudo-science.

The Altogether Autism team have specialist training and knowledge in autism and have reliable and up-to-date sources for information. We can find quality, credible and proven information that will answer the specific questions you have about autism. Our service is free.


What information can I expect to receive?

Altogether Autism staff will answer your query and provide relevant and credible material. If you have any specific questions that we do not already have material for, we will undertake research in order to appropriately answer the specific questions you have.

You will receive by post a package of information specific to your enquiry, together with any other relevant information we think may be useful to you.

We know that as time goes on, more questions can pop up. You are welcome to request information from us as many times as you need. Remember, our service is free.

Personalised Information is:

  • Free – this is a government funded service for anyone in New Zealand
  • Personalised to your situation and needs
  • Customised to your desired level – whether you just basic details, or are looking for detailed technical research, or anything in between, we’ll provide information specific for you.

We supply information to anyone in New Zealand – people on the autism spectrum, to parents, educators, support workers, or professionals working with adults or children on the autism spectrum.

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