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The Full Guideline

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A Summary of the Guideline

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ASD Quick Cards

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Appendices to the Guideline

Diagnostic Criteria for ASD – Appendix 4

The Role of Dianostic Tools in Diagnosing ASD – Appendix 5

The Role of Cognitive Assessment in Diagnosing ASD – Appendix 6

Core Elements of Effective Teaching of Individuals with ASD – Appendix 7

Educational Interventions – Appendix 8

Drugs used in ASD – Appendix 9

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Supplementary Evidence Guideline on Supported Employment Services

The New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline (the ASD Guideline) was published in April 2008. As part of their commitment to the implementation of the guideline, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education agreed to establish a Living Guideline process. This process is where a guideline is regularly updated and refined to reflect new evidence and changing user needs.

This review aims to systematically update the evidence relating to the effectiveness of supported employment services for young people and adults (aged 16 years or over) with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The Living Guideline Group have identified supported employment as an area where an update of research could lead to revised or additional recommendations in the ASD Guideline. The review did not evaluate transition or referral services to supported employment programmes. Read the Supplementary Evidence Guideline

Guideline Supplementary Paper – Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

Following the release of the NZ ASD Guideline in 2008 a living guidelines process was set up to ensure that the NZ ASD Guideline remains up-to-date and relevant as evidence changes. The first topic considered by the Living Guideline Group was Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). ABA was selected because it is an area of considerable interest within the New Zealand ASD community, and had generated the most feedback during public consultation on the Guideline. The Ministries of Health and Education funded independent reviews in 2008 of the evidence around the effectiveness of ABA, and a further review of any updated evidence in 2009. Read the Supplementary Paper Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). 

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Banners for Promotional Purposes

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NZ ASD Guideline Banners

1    Professor Werry

“This is a superior document – a masterpiece of clarity, authority and brevity. Indeed I learnt much from it. It should serve well as a guide to parents, public, professionals, and to government about the direction in which to develop and resource services”

Professor Werry, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Auckland. Child and Adolescent Pscyhiatrist

2    Voices

“I am proud of who I am and autism is part of who I am. In fact, you can’t separate the autism from what I do, think or am”

Voices, NZ ASD Guideline

3    Wendy Duff – Parent

“This whole project had realized some dreams for so many people – now as parents we will be more committed to being truly aware of the direction in which we lead our families”

Wendy Duff, mother of child with autism, President Autism NZ

4    Maori Version

5    Summary Picture – Blue

6    Summary Picture – Orange

7    Altogether Autism Banner