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Autism-friendly transport practices

20 March 2017 – Many autistic people of all ages can, and do find using public transport stressful. Planning and carrying out a successful journey requires a complex series of steps and this can be challenging for people on the spectrum, especially for those who are extremely sensitive to sound, light and smells. Anxiety around […]

Christmas presents

Coping with Christmas

15 December 2016 – Shannon Clement is an Auckland mother of two pre-schoolers, one on the spectrum and the other not. She is married, works part-time in online marketing and has recently been diagnosed with ASD. She shares her top tips for coping with Christmas. I used to wonder what was wrong with me when […]

Widening the lens: Autism and mental health conditions in young people

Children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder are more likely than the general population to experience mental health problems but how do we separate out what behaviours or challenges are ‘autism’ and what is a ‘mood disorder’ or ’behaviour disorder’? The diagnosis of ASD¹ is challenging because autism  is complex; there is a high degree of symptom […]