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In an MMM Bop you’re all alone

20 October 2017 – Claire van Oirschot of Whakatane is 32 and identifies as having Asperger’s Syndrome. She publishes a semi-regular blog called clairesblog424 in which she talks about, among other things, being a Hanson fan, her family’s move from Holland when she was 3, complex emotions, having a bike accident and getting a cat. […]

Changing culture to appreciate autistic talent

19 October 2017 – THE THRIVING at Work programme, developed in Australia, is a comprehensive package that includes materials for employers/leaders, managers, team members and employees with Asperger’s Syndrome. Professor Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett designed it to support new employees with AS (Asperger’s Syndrome/ASD level 1) within numerous settings. In New Zealand this employment process […]

Life first, then happiness

22 November 2016 – TWO YEARS AGO I knew nothing about autism spectrum disorder and then my son Felix turned 14 and the whole world changed for us as a family. He was depressed, unfriendly and unmotivated. He couldn’t get out of bed and couldn’t do his school work. Shutdowns daily and meltdowns too were […]

Autism specific parenting programmes

Altogether Autism Altogether Autism provides information on autism parenting courses held throughout the regions. In addition, contact Altogether Autism for contact details of the regional ASD Coordinators who work at the District Health Boards throughout New Zealand. Autism NZ Autism specific training programmes for parents/family/whanau offered by Autism NZ are: EarlyBird® – Implementing early intervention strategies […]

Peer support – A framework for a good life

Paula Jessop has been interested in mental health’s peer support concept for some years. Studying the National Certificate in Peer Support will enable her to work with people in a slightly different way – one that recognises her own life experience and places greater emphasis on assisting people to make decisions and set their own […]

Depression in adults with autism

Depression is a common mental health problem, affecting around six per cent of New Zealanders every year, the Health Promotion Agency found in 2014. There is a significant amount of research indicating that adults with autism experience increased rates of mental illness, particularly anxiety and depression, (Cederlund et al., 2008; Howlin, 2007; Howlin et al., […]