Articles about: Autism-friendly practices

Autism-friendly healthcare: Empowering autistic adults and support persons to inform and transform autistic healthcare

20 March 2017 – Ava Ruth Baker (MB ChB Dip Health Sci – Mental Health) has experienced autistic healthcare ‘from both sides of the desk’ – as an autistic adult, parent, and a medical practitioner now specialising in autism and mental health, after decades as a GP. Among her other autism work, she offers training […]

Autism-friendly transport practices

20 March 2017 – Many autistic people of all ages can, and do find using public transport stressful. Planning and carrying out a successful journey requires a complex series of steps and this can be challenging for people on the spectrum, especially for those who are extremely sensitive to sound, light and smells. Anxiety around […]

Autism-friendly educational practices

20 March 2017 – Australian-based education advisor Dr Emma Goodall is an educator and autistic. She reflects on autism-friendly practices in education. Good teaching does not necessarily meet the needs of autistic students. But good autism-friendly teaching will meet the needs of most, if not all, students in a class. All students have strengths and […]

Bridging the gap

17 March 2017 – Speech New Zealand teacher, examiner and trustee Claire Marsh of Morrinsville shares an experience she had recently with a confident autistic boy sitting a speech exam. Speech New Zealand is an examining organisation that aims to empower students to develop versatility in the use of language and oral presentation and performance […]

Multi-sensory environments and their use by people with autism

17 March 2017 – A multi-sensory environment is an artificially created room or space designed to allow those using it to control sensory input, including sound, lighting, smell, touch, temperature and space. Multi-sensory equipment is used to stimulate the senses and promote pleasing sensation and feelings of well-being. The origin and history of multi-sensory rooms can be traced […]

Spectrum-friendly Permian monsters

16 March 2017 – Waikato Museum is offering people with autism the chance to enjoy their next exhibition in a comfortable and accepting environment. In March 2016, Daniel Smith, member of our Consumer Reference Group, met with Public Programmes co-ordinator Kirsten Peterson, to develop Da Vinci Mechanics, the museum’s first autism-friendly exhibition. One of the […]