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Team-work needed to guide children on their journey

30 May 2017 – Transitioning children from one teacher or from one setting can be a period of uncertainty. Whangarei-based special needs coordinator David van de Klundert relies on many people to help him through the transition process. IT IS VITAL the transition process, especially between early childhood education and school, is as inclusive and as […]

Autism-friendly educational practices

20 March 2017 – Australian-based education advisor Dr Emma Goodall is an educator and autistic. She reflects on autism-friendly practices in education. Good teaching does not necessarily meet the needs of autistic students. But good autism-friendly teaching will meet the needs of most, if not all, students in a class. All students have strengths and […]

Bridging the gap

17 March 2017 – Speech New Zealand teacher, examiner and trustee Claire Marsh of Morrinsville shares an experience she had recently with a confident autistic boy sitting a speech exam. Speech New Zealand is an examining organisation that aims to empower students to develop versatility in the use of language and oral presentation and performance […]

Workshop aimed at overcoming job hurdles

22 November 2016 – POWERSHOP, a Wellington-based electricity retailer, hosted a free two-day employment skills workshop for budding information technology (IT) coders in September. The 14 potential autistic software developers had a unique opportunity to practice their job interview and coding skills at Powershop’s premises in Wellington. Powershop is an electricity retailer that has become […]

Sue Kinnear

Sensory and anxiety concerns within an inclusive educational environment

28 February 2017 – Altogether Autism published its stance on the use of seclusion in schools (Issue 4, 2016, p.12).  In the following article, Sue Kinnear, Wellington- based Special Education needs coordinator and a specialist teacher of autism, describes her implementation of a sensory room as respite from overwhelming situations for her students as an alternative […]

Two girls drawing

Preparing for school after the holidays

15 December 2016 – For some children, the transition back to school at the end of the holidays can be stressful. Here are some tips to help minimize this stress.  Throughout the holidays, give your child practice homework (just a little) to keep them in the habit of reading and writing. Then five days before […]