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A Different Type of Perfect Garden opens

22 November 2016 – CHRISTCHURCH CHILDREN will be enchanted by a new inclusive and accessible garden that appeals to all five senses. The project has been a real labour of love for Kelly Dugan, founder and chief executive at SmileDial, a charity that supports families of unwell and disabled children. It’s taken more than three […]

Multi-sensory environments and their use by people with autism

17 March 2017 – A multi-sensory environment is an artificially created room or space designed to allow those using it to control sensory input, including sound, lighting, smell, touch, temperature and space. Multi-sensory equipment is used to stimulate the senses and promote pleasing sensation and feelings of well-being. The origin and history of multi-sensory rooms can be traced […]

Sue Kinnear

Sensory and anxiety concerns within an inclusive educational environment

28 February 2017 – Altogether Autism published its stance on the use of seclusion in schools (Issue 4, 2016, p.12).  In the following article, Sue Kinnear, Wellington- based Special Education needs coordinator and a specialist teacher of autism, describes her implementation of a sensory room as respite from overwhelming situations for her students as an alternative […]

Multi-sensory room

Centre shows families multi-sensory environment benefits

22 November 2016 – A MULTI-SENSORY room at Hamilton’s McKenzie Centre provides an environment of stimulating activities and experiences to increase motivation, awareness and positive behaviours. It is a well-used room, says centre director Trisha Benge. So much so that she’s working on a funding application to upgrade the optic fibres and bubble tube which […]